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what is asmr relaxation

ASMR Sounds for Relaxation – Relaxation Sound Effects.

asmar sounds for relaxation

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a physical experience symbolized by a tingling or static-like sensation on the skin that normally starts in the scalp then moves down the back of the neck via the spine to the limbs. It can literally be explained as the tickling yet relaxing sensation that you feel whenever someone strikes your curls, whispers in your ears or brushes your arm.

Some people also refer to ASMR as Attention Induced Euphoria (AIE) while others call it Attention Induced Head Orgasm (AIHO). ASMR can also be explained as a spontaneous and autonomous feeling that happens without you putting in much effort. The sensuality that comes from ASMR is so wanting that some people try to spark it off using videos, audios or visuals.

In most instances, ASMR can be triggered by the use of audible stimuli like for example scratching, tapping, blowing, soft talking or whispering.

Whispering is the most common ASMR stimulator as it offers the best possible experiences preferred by a majority of users. In addition, physical touch, hair play, personal attention and page turning are also activators of ASMR.

However, it is important to note that there is no specific trigger that is common for everyone. The cause of ASMR in someone else might not work on your part. You can always visit https://sleepwithsilk.com/ for the best free ASMR experience.

Besides, there are also some activities that if you concentrate on them so much, you tend to experience a powerful sensational feeling of ASMR. Some peoples’ ASMR can be stimulated by them watching videos of someone folding towels, someone ironing clothes or someone painting.

But, there are still other undocumented triggers of ASMR, that in most scenarios happen and individuals do not even realize its occurrence. This has made it challenging to authenticate the stimuli. Therefore, if you are looking for a trigger that works best for you, then, be ready to experiment with the various stimuli.

Benefits of ASMR

An ASMR experience does not only cause curiosity satisfaction as a lot of people suppose but also improves our health in various ways.

The first and the biggest benefit of this sensational feeling is the relaxation it provides. Someone with a relaxed body tends to have numerous things fall back into place both in their life and body.

If you want a better and deeper meditation, then, relaxation should be your best solution. It is significant that you get relaxed while in meditation so as to take advantage of the various health benefits.

Some of the advantages of ASMR include enhanced blood flow, reduced stress levels, improved mood, and enhanced digestion. On the other hand, you can use ASMR to boost the process of losing weight.

Since a majority of the above-mentioned triggers are sleep inducers, ASMR is also a sleep enhancer.

There are many benefits that a good sleep provides to the body that do not need to be over-stressed especially now that we are living in a world where things are moving with twice their pace.

People suffering from insomnia can also take advantage of ASMR by simply watching videos or listening to audios specific to them, that help them to relax and eventually fall asleep.

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