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 Wealthy Affiliate University Review

 the wealthy affiliates review

How to Succeed at (Online) Business and Become a Wealthy Affiliate.

Starting an online business seems easy enough. Start a blog, start writing articles and mention some products, promote the site with a few social media posts and watch the money roll in. Some Internet ‘gurus’ will try to sell this kind of guff with references to the Internet Lifestyle, often with pictures of them supposedly ‘working’ while sitting by a sun-dappled pool, drinking a margarita. Perhaps you, reading this are familiar with this idea, maybe even bought into it?

The truth is that the Internet Lifestyle is not real, not for most of us. Making money takes work, requires knowledge, planning and, sadly, quite a lot of luck.

When you are starting out online, making the first dollar, or pound – the first sale, the first commission is the toughest part of success. After you have earned the first money the rest is all about repeating the system that you built. But, what is the system? How do you learn all that is needed to make that first dollar and then make that initial success into hundreds and then thousands of dollars?

The rest of this article is going to look at a business and service that has been helping people new to online marketing to make that vital first sale and then scale that success into a profitable online business.

Regardless of your needs this review will help you decide whether this service is right for you and show you how to find out more for yourself.

The Wealthy Affiliate System

The Wealthy Affiliate System was set up in 2005 with the goal of providing newcomers to affiliate marketing with all the tools and training required to build their own profitable businesses. Designed as an all-in-one package with tools and training optimized for affiliate marketers working from neophyte to expert.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate correctly understand that having a website is fundamental to any success in online marketing.wealthy affiliate affiliate


What’s in the Package?

The main elements of the package are as follows

Web hosting.

Website builder (SiteRubix)

Training courses (100’s of them)

Keyword research tool (Jaaxy)

Social interaction with other clients.


The ‘free’ hosting offered by Wealthy Affiliate is of the shared type, which means your sites are hosted alongside those of many others and has limits on the number of sites that can be hosted, the amount of traffic and the storage space available. Members can set up a maximum of 25 sites on up to 25 domains. All hosting is on the Amazon cloud which means that speed should be good and the servers reliable.

There’s a maximum of 30GB of space available for all sites together and a maximum of 500K per month. No information is provided in the member’s area about the quality of the servers used however Amazon claims that the type of setup used by Wealthy Affiliate is a 64bit virtual Intel processor and should be adequate for typical Wealthy Affiliate clients.

The specifications offered are similar to budget hosting provided by well-known hosting providers.

Website builder (SiteRubix)                              

Siterubix is a basic WordPress installer. Just fill in a couple of questions about the domain name, choose the theme for the site from the online catalog, click and wait 30 seconds and your site will be ready for you to start adding content. Siterubix seems to offer nothing that most other hosting companies do not offer their clients free of charge – there’s no magic here.

One feature that is worthwhile is that, if you use your own domain name, you can share the Wealthy Affiliate SSL certificate. If that sounds like mumbo-jumbo (it did me) right now, don’t worry; this just means that your site is protected and secure and will have the familiar green icon in the browser bar of all site visitors. SSL (HTTPS) is a benefit that is often charged for and can be fiddly to install for oneself.

Training courses

Above all, it is the training by which Wealthy Affiliate will stand or fall. The biggest question that a prospective member must ask is whether following the training courses and efficiently implementing the action points will result in making sales.

The short answer here is that, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, the training provided will enable Wealthy Affiliate members to earn their first affiliate commissions. Thankfully for me, the training assumes that members come to the courses with absolutely no knowledge.

You will learn how to build a real business, in any niche that you choose.

  • You will build your own niche site based on WordPress the most popular web platform for affiliate marketers
  • You will learn how to create a helpful, informative content experience for your site visitors
  • You’ll find out how this leads to rankings in major search engines and how to use keyword research to improve those rankings.
  • As you improve your rankings you will get more traffic – the currency of success in online marketing
  • You’ll learn about how to monetize your site, primarily through affiliate programs and advertising.

The initial ‘Certification’ training takes various forms including video and falls into five levels:     wealthy affiliate review site

Getting Started (28 tasks)

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (36 tasks)

Making Money (28 tasks)

Mastering Social Engagement (40 tasks)

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (36 tasks)

Alongside the Certification training runs the Affiliate Bootcamp training which, unsurprisingly, focuses on being a successful Wealthy Affiliate Program affiliate. The lessons learned here are, of course, entirely transferable to any niche that you research and choose to market. Naturally, much of the content overlaps with the Certification training. Here you will find the following seven levels, each with its own tasks to perform:

Getting Your Business Rolling (30 tasks)

Content, Conversions, and Keywords (30 tasks)

Giving Your Site Social Value (30 tasks)

Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media (26 tasks)

Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals (49 tasks)

Bing Yahoo and the Power of PPC (32 tasks)

How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (30 tasks)

Jaaxy keyword research tool         

Even if you are a Newbie you will very quickly come to realise that keyword research is key to understanding how to reach your market, to find what interests them and how you can beat your competition in the contest for eyeballs.

Jaaxy is a tool devised by the Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson, and made available exclusively to their members.

With Jaaxy you can quickly and easily identify niche markets, drill into them, and find keyword ideas around which you can create content that is likely to be ranked in search engines and thus get traffic. You will quickly learn which terms to avoid because they are too hard to rank for, or because nobody is searching for them.

The version supplied to members is Jaaxy Lite with a full version available at extra cost. I have personally found there’s no need to pay extra until you are already enjoying decent revenues and need to do a lot of research to scale your business upward.

Social interaction with other members

Online marketing can be a lonely experience, and it is easy to lose track of yourself and your achievements. Wealthy Affiliate offers several social channels to counteract the loneliness and to create a supportive and positive atmosphere.

There’s live chat, blogs, and networking to support you on your route to success. Some members will find this more useful than others. However, the website analysis feature that uses comments of other users on your work seems very handy to understand how your work is likely to be seen by your readers.

Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate to Jumpstart Your Online Business?

The biggest reason newcomers to online marketing do not succeed is that they do not put in the effort. With Wealthy Affiliate, the same applies. There’s no magic here. However, the training is well structured and valid. They do not teach tricks and loopholes that are unlikely to work for more than a few weeks. All the training is designed to build long-term success for those who implement what they learn.

But it is worth remembering that the guys who built and created Wealthy Affiliate were themselves beginners once and besides running WA also have numerous successful websites to their name.

Whilst some information that is offered in Wealthy Affiliate can be found elsewhere at low cost, or even for free, it is well worthwhile paying for WA to be able to avoid the scams, tricks, and cheats that are very common in this field.

But ultimately everything you will ever need including the expertise to build your own successful site is here in one place.

Having spent some time working with the WA membership backend, it is clear that Wealthy Affiliate offers all that a newcomer to online business, or even to people with no business experience of any kind, needs to start and build a profitable business  online.


I am in the early stages of having signed up to WA, usually I would need an Idiots Guide to understand most new information, and that’s where I have felt WA have stepped up to the plate in that no question is seen as a stupid question, plus you are given support and answers within minutes.                                                                                                                   It really helps with your confidence and the belief –  “Yes I really can do this”.

There are also numerous training videos created by the founders of WA but also interestingly by members themselves. Many members know the areas that they once found difficult and also in turn notice others struggling with too, so they themselves have created some really helpful videos and training on those particular subject matters.

Make Your Own Mind Up!

If the review above has interested you in going further with starting your online business, or perhaps if you have been working without much success, then take a look. You can try a large part of the system and even start your business training at no cost. If you find what you learn is worthwhile, you can upgrade to the WA paid system which starts out at just $19.95 for the first month before increasing to $47 per month.

Success in business is about taking action; you can learn to take the right actions and use good quality tools to implement them with Wealthy Affiliate.

To find out more about the Wealthy Affiliate training and tools just click here or image below.

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  1. hello
    This is a very comprehensive article.
    I think you laid out the reasons to join really well.
    This is business can be hard to figure out and Wealthy Affiliate has definitely made a difference for my business. I wish you the best

    • Thank you Tom. It helps that it is all very true and so it makes the writing come from the heart.

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