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what is the best diffusers for essential oils

best essential oil diffuser humidifier

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1.Review on – ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi essential Oil Diffuser

Key product features

• Smart app control
• Large capacity
• Elegant design

Product description
Asakuki smart Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser is designed to create a relaxing environment in your home, the office or at the yoga studio.

The benefits of diffusers to your overall health cannot be underestimated, especially for stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

The Asakuki is no exception to this.

It works in perfect harmony with the diffuser to give you nothing but value for your money.

Designed to perfection, the Asakuki diffuser is unbeatable. It comes with a wide range of features along with excellent customer service.

Below is a detailed description of what makes the product stand out.

best diffuser humidifier combo


Product design and features.

Wi-Fi enabled

If you have a Wi-Fi connection at home, using this diffuser will be pretty simple and straight forward.

Download the Ewe link App from play store or from App store and connect the device to the App. This allows you to control its functions from the convenience of your phone using wireless connectivity.

The ewe link App is compatible with android and iOS Tablets and smartphones. The connection between the two devices allows you to turn it off or on and adjust the speeds between high and low modes.

You can also connect the diffuser to Amazon Echo.

Linking the humidifier to amazon echo allows you to control its functions using Alexa .

Capacity and convenience.

The diffuser’s storage tank can hold half a liter of water that is 500mls. The large storage capacity is enough to run through the whole night without waking up for a refill.

In case the water level runs low, the refill process is pretty easy and does not cause a mess.

The diffuser produces a light from the LED colors which can be adjusted accordingly if need be.

If the device is placed in the bedroom or in a nursery, the light can be distractive. You can dim the light using the buttons on the diffuser so that it does not disturb you or the baby during night time.
If you are hunting for a diffuser for your baby’s nursery, then the Asakuki smart Wi-Fi diffuser is what you are looking for. It does not release any toxins during the humidification process.

It is not limited to baby’s use only but also for adults with allergies and asthma or other chest complications.

There are other humidifiers that humidify the air excessively; however, Asakuki can be adjusted between three modes to ensure that it performs efficiently.

Additional features
You can set the diffuser to function at different times rather than running continuously. The multiple timer settings can be controlled from the App or on the diffuser.

An automatic shutdown switch is also included on the diffuser and once the water runs low, the device automatically shuts down. This saves on power consumption.

Choose between a range of 7 LED colors as you may wish.

You can set the diffuser to only illuminate one color or vary between the 7 colors gradually. A vaporizer is also included to boost the humidification process ensuring the indoor air quality is optimal at all times.

Excellent customer service
In case the diffuser does not meet your expectations, the manufacturers refund your money back within 30 days of purchase. If the diffuser breaks down, the manufacturers replace it free of charge within the first year. As a customer, this builds confidence in the overall performance of the product.

• Works with Alexa
• Has a vaporizer to enhance indoor air quality
• Exceptional customer service with a money-back guarantee

• Once you schedule the device, the colors automatically turn on
• The setup process is challenging

best humidifier diffuser


2. Review- Wi-Fi Aroma Diffuser,Works with Alexa and APP,400ML Salt Lamp Air Prufier Essential Oil Diffuser,Cool Mist Humidifier 7-color

Key product features
• Ultrasonic diffuser
• Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Product description
The Smart Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser is one of the few versatile products in this line available on the market. It hosts a humidifier and a salt lamp that work together perfectly well. It also comes with an elegant and unique design perfect for your interiors.

best ultrasonic diffuser essential oils

Product Design & Features
Smart app feature

You can control the diffuser straight from your phone. Ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection at home or in the office. The App is referred to as AMA Home. It can be downloaded from play store or App store.

It is compatible with android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Once you have downloaded the App, establish a link between the diffuser and the App. Once the connection is made you can be able to control several features from the App.

Some of the features that you can control from the App include:

• LED color change-Adjust the rotational color change on the device as you wish or stick to one color as you may prefer.

• Switching off the lights- in case you do not need the lighting, turn it off using the app

• Adjust between the different scenes mode- change the diffuser modes from gradient, to diffuser or to salt lamp modes.

• Adjust the misting- you can set the diffuser to high or low misting speeds

• Set timers- set timings that the diffuser can be up and running for example 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours.

Noise free
Humidifiers are known to produce noise that can be distractive especially of they are working at high misting speeds. The Smart Wi-Fi diffuser uses quiet ultrasonic technology. This ensures that no sound is produced by the diffuser at any given time making it perfect for bedrooms and baby’s sleep area.

3-in-1 feature
Smart Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser comes with a cool mist humidifier along with a salt lamp. All the three features can be used individually or even simultaneously.

The diffuser releases therapeutic aroma into the air, freshening up the room and the air you breathe. The cool mist humidifier hydrates the atmosphere especially when it is very hot prevent your skin from losing excessive moisture and helping insomnia and relaxation.
best essential humidifier diffuser

The salt lamp, on the hand, when burning produces negatively charged ion particles that prevent any electromagnetic radiation.

When working in unison, all three elements ensure you enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling fresh the next day.

Smart control
Amazon Echo’s Alexa as well as Google Home are becoming very common in many households. Using your voice you can control the functions of the diffuser from anywhere in the house. You can turn the diffuser on or off and adjust the LED colors on the salt lamp.

The large tank of the diffuser holds enough water to last about 8 hours after each refill. The diffuser works perfectly in a room measuring between 20-30 square meters. The storage tank can hold about 400ml of water.

• 3 devices in one product
• Automated control features
• Large capacity
• Portable design

• The app does not work on some smartphones
• An extra extension tube is required for the humidification process to be efficient.

NOTE: Base of diffuser will not be pine wood if bought on Amazon.com but a black base as above. But if bought on Amazon.co.uk will be the pine wood base as represented in top image. (Name of product on Amazon.com differs from Amazon.co.uk)

best humidifier diffuser


3. Review – ETbotu Sangdo Generation 2,  300ml Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser, Works with Amazon Alexa, Smart-Phone App Control.

Key product features

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • LED colors
  • auto shut-off

Product description

ETbotu Sangdo smart Wi-Fi essential oils diffuser holds about 300ml of water in its reservoir. It comes with a cool mist humidifier perfect for hot weather. The diffuser has 7 colors of LED lights and the overall design makes it perfect for any home. ETbotu oil diffuser is perfect for your interiors. It blends in perfectly well adding to interior décor. You can also use it from room to room as the size allows for portability.best humidifier essential oil diffuser

Product design and features

Elegant design

The first thing that will catch your eye about the ETbou smart essential oil diffuser is the unique design that comes with it. It is beautifully crafted with a wooden base and the top part is ovular in shape. The top section is available in several colors from which you can choose from. It has control buttons built into the wood. The base supporting the diffuser is solid ensuring it does not topple over. The design ensures it sits beautifully on any surface in the house without taking up too much space for a diffuser.

Wi-Fi enabled

To control the diffuser, ensure your house has a Wi-Fi connection. If you have Amazon Alexa, the diffuser works perfectly with the voice control device. The app is compatible with any smartphones both android and iOS. Link the device to the app and get started. You can now Alexa or the App to control features on the diffuser without using the buttons on the device.

Examples of features you can control using Alexa on ETBotu smart Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser include turning it on and off, adjusting the colors and regulate the misting speed.

LED colors

Tired of the same old monochrome? Idoo smart Wi-Fi diffuser offers you up to 7 LED colors that you can choose from. The colors change gradually once the diffuser is running. Using the button you can fix one color that is your favorite. You can also adjust the colors using Alexa to control the LED color change on the device. Set the mood you want with the diffuser. The brightness of the colors can also be adjusted that is increased or decreased.

In case the diffuser is placed in the bedroom, the brightness can be dimmed out to prevent distraction during sleep.b

Auto-shut off

Panic not when the water levels in your diffuser run out before you have the chance to refill. Unlike other gadgets, were you have to always be on the lookout, ETBotu smart Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser actually shuts itself down when there is no water in its reservoir/storage tank. The humidifier fan stops running and this is very beneficial as the diffuser may get damaged or worse stop working.

Another importance of the shut-down feature is that it saves on power consumption in the house.

Additional feature

The diffuser comes with a cool mist humidifier. Cool mist humidifiers do not have heating elements in them. The water droplets are released in to the room are cold. They utilize minimal power and are perfect for hot seasons.


  • Has a 3-timer setting
  • Auto-shut off function
  • Especially developed and upgraded App named “Umist plus”.
  • Ability to remotely control the Sangdo aroma diffuser.


  • The setup process may be difficult when connecting the device to Alexa
  • A blinking red light that can be a nuisance

best essential oil humidifier diffuser

4. Review -Humidifier Emubody Smart Essential Oil Diffuser 300ml Humidifier + Alexa

Key product features

• Wi-Fi enabled
• Compatable with Amazon Alexa.
• Can be switched on and off remotely.

Product description
The Embody aroma essential oil diffuser releases refreshing scents to your spaces and removes bad odor form the air.

best humidifier oil diffuserOnce you refill the holding tank with about 300ml of water, add a few drops of essential oil and you are good to go. It comes with advanced ultrasonic technology that helps the humidifier release the mist into the room without creating any noise while freshening up the air in the room.

Product design and features

Ultrasonic technology

Diffusers and humidifiers produce lots of noise. This can be distractive especially if the diffuser is placed in the bedroom or the baby’s nursery.

This is very common especially when the humidifier is set to work at high misting speeds. To prevent this, manufacturers are incorporating ultrasonic technology into their products.

The technology aids in the vaporization of the water and then releases it silently into the atmosphere. The device performs it function effectively without you even noticing it is still in the room, you will sleep comfortably.

Mist quality
Attributed to the ultrasonic technology, the mist quality produced by the device is sufficiently good. The droplets released are 100% fine with a smooth texture. They build up in the atmosphere without over-humidifying it.

The mist produced is very helpful for dried out and chapped skin. It rehydrates the skin maximally, repairing it and leaving it supple and moisturized.

This is very important in winter when the skin gets damaged by excessively cold temperatures. You can sleep well and breathe in clean and fresh air.

If you have turned on your air condition unit, the diffuser/humidifier will enable you sleep much better.

Smart control features
If you have amazon Echo- Alexa, the diffuser will work pretty well. You can control certain functions from Alexa. Turn the device off and on as well as switch between the 7 LED colors.

SMART DEVICE – The future is here,this “smart” diffuser is compatible with Amazon ALEXA,and controlled through its own app – UMIST. No more getting up at night to find the switch to turn it ON or OFF. Manage it through Umist App or modernize it through Alexa voice commands.

pure essential oil diffusersYou can adjust the LED color brightness, the LED colors as you prefer, turn the device on and off, and control the working hours.

Other features that can be adjusted include the mist output volumes from the diffuser during humidification and controlling the speed between the switching of the LED colors.

Auto-shut off
Gone shopping and left the diffuser on? Worry not; the diffuser automatically shuts down once the water levels run low. You can also set the times at which the aroma diffuser will be on. The timer has three settings- 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.

• You can control the mist output
• Control the features using Alexa or the app
• Produces no noise

• The app does not link with the device at times
• Minor problems establishing a connection with Wi-Fi

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5. Review on Renpho Essential Oil Diffuser

Key product features

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant
  • Smart App- Renpho

Product description

Renpho smart essential oil diffuser works perfectly with Alexa, Google Assistant and an app dedicated to it. You can control simple features and settings at your convenience without using the buttons in the diffuser. The diffuser helps you to ensure that the indoor air quality is optimal by keeping it fresh and moisturized.

The diffuser may be placed in living spaces or in sleeping areas. Renpho diffuser design is also unique with a sleek look. It adds to the décor of the home or the office or wherever you are using it from.

best rated humidifier bedroom

Key benefits of the diffuser include reducing allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. The diffuser is used for therapeutic purposed where it relieves stress and insomnia in individuals both at home and at the office. Renpho essential oil diffuser has some unique features that we will have a look at in details.

Product design and features

Control features

An app is available from the manufacturers for the control of the device. You can download it from App store or Play store to your smartphone at no extra charge. Once you link the app to the diffuser, you can be to control the device from any location at any given time.

Voice control

Renpho essential oil diffuser can also be controlled using Alexa and Google Assistant. Control functions such as turning the device on and off from your device using your voice. Other features that can be controlled from Alexa and Google assistant include adjusting the colors on the diffuser, controlling the brightness levels of the LED colors. Another voice control function that also compatible with the device is the IFTTT.

Control buttons

There are several control buttons on the essential oil diffuser. The buttons include the mist output button and another button which selects the speed settings. The settings range from 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours. The other button changes the LED colors when pressed. When the button is pressed twice, the color remains fixed. There are seven colors available. The LED colors can be adjusted to vary between bright and dim.

Mist output

The mist output from the Renpho essential oil diffuser can be adjusted as per personal preference. The holding tank can hold about 120 ml of water and can be used up to 4 hours. You will need to refill the tank pretty much often to ensure the lasts through a night. You can adjust the mist output quality from strong to soft as you prefer.

Ultrasonic technology

Renpho essential oil diffuser incorporates ultrasonic technology that vaporizes the water without producing any noise. It maintains high indoor quality without distracting the occupants in a room.


The diffuser does not produce any toxic material into the air. It is free of BPA and is safe for both adults and children.


  • Utilizes ultrasonic technology
  • Does not produce any noise
  • Does not release any harmful toxins into the air


  • Small water holding capacity
  • Requires frequent refills

best essential oil humidifier diffuser

6. Review on Smart Wifi Essential Oil Aromathery Diffuser – Alexa & Google Home Compatible – 400ml Walnut Wood Grain Ultrasonic.

Key product features

• Ultrasonic technology
• Compatible with Alexa

Product description
best humidifiersProducts designed for smart homes are becoming a favorite and the Sierra essential oil diffuser is one of them. It is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled remotely using Alexa or using the smart app.

The diffuser has a sleek, elegant design with a wooden finish. It resembles a vase and you would easily mistake it for a flower vase.

The build is solid with a slightly larger base to ensure it remains stable when placed on a surface without toppling over. If you are looking for a stylish diffuser, this is the product for you.

Product design and features

Ultrasonic technology

Diffusers with ultrasonic technology have two advantages. They release the mist into the air without producing any noise. This makes the diffusers perfect for bedroom use and living areas were you want to sit down from the daily hassle and just relax. They are also a favorite for yoga instructors for studios were ambience is required during the sessions.

Another key advantage of the advanced ultrasonic technology is that it produces ultrasonic frequencies. The frequencies breakdown the water molecules instantly and release them into the air as fine droplets that feel are ultra-soft and feel smooth even on skin.

In case you have added a few drops of the essential oil, the atomization process is the same; the delicate molecules are released into the air. There are other models which use heat which damages the essential oil molecules.

Smart control features
Once you link the aroma diffuser with Wi-Fi, you can install an app from play store or google store to control certain features. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets both android and iOS. Link the device to the app and you are good to go.

You can control several features from the device such as the LED color adjustments, mist output volumes, multiple timer settings, create an on and off schedule from your smartphone

The diffuser can also be used with Alexa-Amazon Echo and Google home devices. These control functions use your voice to give commands to the device from a remote location.

It is worth noting that you can also control it using the buttons on the diffuser.

The water holding tank in the diffuser can hold up to 400ml of water when fully filled. On low mist output mode, the diffuser can last up to 12 hours and slightly less when running on high mist mode. You will not be forced to refill the tank over and over as is the case with smaller tanks in other diffusers.
Once the water levels are low, the diffuser automatically shuts down.

Aromatherapy plates
Aromatherapy plates are built into the diffuser. The plates work with the ultrasonic technology to ensure that the vaporization of the essential oil articles is optimal. This ensures that the oil molecules are uniformly distributed throughout the room where the diffuser is placed.


• Large water holding capacity
• 100% money back guarantee in case the diffuser does not meet your expectations
• Elevated aromatherapy plates that ensure the essential oils are uniformly distributed.
• Excellent customer service


• Alexa control does not include the timer settings, mist output, or turn off the LED lights
• Limited to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi only

best essential oil humidifier diffuser

7. Review –Wifi Oil Diffuser,400ml Smart Wi-Fi Diffuser, Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, Cool Mist Humidifier ,Auto shut-off Low Noise

Key features

• LED Colors
• Compatible with Alexa

Product description
Alfawise humidifier with essential oil diffuser is a favorite product for home owners and yoga instructors. By combining two features- a diffuser and a humidifier- the device works perfectly well to add to your wellbeing at home.

This is an essential oil diffuser but can be used as a humidifier. Adding moisture to your living spaces helps prevent coughs and colds by neutralizing any lingering airborne bacteria.

best oil diffuser humidifier



Product design and features

Automated features

The Alfawise essential oil diffuser with humidifier is undoubted a masterpiece. It comes with several automated functions that you can control at your own convenience, from a remote location.

You can also control the device using your voice. How? Using Alexa, you can give commands from wherever you are to the device. Control features that are supported by the device through Alexa include shut-off, light adjustment and automated turn off the device.

The Alfawise humidifier automatically shuts down once the water levels are depleted in the storage tank. In other devices, the device keeps running even when there is no water and this may affect the performance of the humidifier in the long run.

The device humidifies air for up to 9 hours non-stop.

Two-in-one feature
Alfawise combines a room humidifier and an aromatherapy diffuser. How great is this? A tank is provided where you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water.

As the water is dispersed into the room, the oils are also dispersed. This creates a relaxing scent in the room which is very beneficial in terms of health. This makes the device recommendable for therapy sessions, yoga studios and at home- in living rooms and bed rooms where relaxing atmosphere is crucial.

Elegant design
Designed from a wooden structure, the diffuser makes it very appropriate for use in any home.

At the top section are a number of uniquely designed wires that illuminate the LED lighting.

The design is so sleek you would mistake it for a decorative piece of furniture. It perfectly sits on any surface courtesy of its design. The subtle color blends with your interior décor effortlessly without creating any decor bias.

It is also portable and you can carry it around the house and place it in different locations without much hassle. It does not require much space on a surface.
Adjust between a range of 7 colors on the diffuser using Alexa or by use of the buttons on the diffuser.

You can set the diffuser to one static color or you can opt for timed color changes.

what is the best diffuser for essential oils
Large capacity
The diffuser houses a storage tank that can hold about 300 ml of water. It runs continuously for up to 9 hours at low mist setting. For a device its size, it does a pretty good job.

Noise levels
Unlike other diffusers on the market, the Alfawise diffuser and humidifier does not produce any distractive noise on both low speed and high speed setting. This makes it very appropriate for use in bedrooms and nurseries.


  • Does not produce any noise when running
  • Elegant design
  • Automated shut-off when the water level is low.


  • Difficult procedure to link up to Alexa.

best essential oil humidifier diffuser


8. Review – RUNGLI Cool Mist Humidifier Bamboo Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Key features

• Large capacity
• Alexa enabled
• Smart app
• LED colors

Product description

The newest smartest version, Rungli Cool Mist Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for homes and Yoga and studios. It comes with several smart features such as Alexa allowing you to control it from a remote location.

The device adds spice to the home with the beautiful LED colors that can be adjusted as according to personal preference.best humidifier essential oil diffuser

Benefits of using the humidifier include improved breathing: the aroma oils have a therapeutic effect and prevent skin damage from excessive moisture loss.

The aromatherapy diffuser benefits are many – mood stabilizer, help with insomnia, acts as anti-bacterial in the air, relieves stress and anxiety etc.

The cool mist is a must-have for any modern home as it comes with advanced technology for control purposes.

Product design and features
Smart features

The Cool Mist Humidifier Aroma Essential oil diffuser comes with loads of smart features for modern homes.

The humidifier and aroma diffuser works with a Wi-Fi frequency of 2.4 GHz. This allows the user to control all the functions of the diffuser remotely without having to move back and forth from the gadget.

All functions can also be controlled from a localized position. It also comes with a smart App compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones. The APP is referred to as the Ewe link and can be downloaded from Google play store or App store straight to your phone.

Ensure your phone is enabled for 2G/3G/4G Wi-Fi networks and you are good to go.

Using Alexa Echo and Google home, you can use your voice to control the device in case you do not have the App.

Operating the diffuser is quite easy making it a must have for many homes.

LED lighting
The diffuser produces beautiful inbuilt LED lighting when it is on. Add some spice to your living room or your bedroom with this device.

The lighting can also be adjusted to produce varying colors which are 7 in number: so much to choose from. Adjust the colors at your convenience using the smart App or Alexa. There is also a button on the device that allows you to vary colors as you wish.

Create a relaxing atmosphere at home every time.

160 ml capacity
With the large storage capacity of the humidifier, you do not have to keep on refilling within short intervals. 160 milliliters of water can last up to 10 hours and cover a room with an area of about 30 square ft. It conveniently keeps your rooms humid and freshened up for long hours.

Elegant design.
The cool mist humidifier is made from natural material that easily complements and blends in with existing interior décor. It is made of real bamboo and ground glass. The design is simple but sophisticated, good for anyone who is very particular about their style

Automatic functions
You can set the humidifier to shut off after a certain period of time. This control function is found on the humidifier along with other timer settings that are 8 in number.

Once water is depleted in the reservoir, the humidifier shuts down. You can also adjust the humidity levels to vary between low and high.

Other functions that can be controlled using the smart app include turning off the gradual LED lighting change, choosing a particular color, adjust the mist output and light mode as well as the brightness of the LED light.


  • Elegant design
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Comes with a smart app and can use Alexa.
  • Also an air purifier.
  • RGB led lamp.


  • The inside is made of plastic that retains smells of essential oils.
  • Fan can be noisy
  • Mixed reviews on the efficiency of commands to Alexa.

best essential oil humidifier diffuser

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