Review – Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.

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Why do People Have Depression – and Why They Are Not Healing!

By Caroline Myss

“Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” is a book in which the writer, Caroline Myss, brings up a new perspective to think about health, how we can deal with it and reasons of why we don’t heal.

According to Caroline, fear is the reason we don’t heal. Illness might be a reason of attention seeking too and might also seem attractive.

It also is a big indication to change your life.


Energy medicine is discussed by Caroline in a very detailed manner, referring to Hindu system and relating the seven energies of a body called chakras in Hindu.

According to the author learning this language of chakra can help us improve our illness and maintain our health. Reading the mantras can also play a vital role in subsiding your illness. Many times the major cause behind someone’s illness is not just poor health but spiritual weakness within him.

After 1980s it was believed that illness could be cured just by one’s willingness to confront it. In a few years, however, this idea was rejected as simply accepting responsibility of one’s illness did not resolve the issue.

This inspired the writer to research the facts that underlined this present situation. Soon, she realized that people who were wounded one way or the other did not hide their wounds from others. Instead, they used all such suffering to gain sympathy. It was considered social currency.

In this book, the writer explains a phenomenon where people manipulate others with their wounds instead of hiding them. She has named this phenomenon as woundology.

She exposes the five myths about healing and explains the cultural and individual contexts in which people become physically and spiritually ill. She teaches new methods of working with the challenges that the seven energy centers embody.

She justifies her book tittle by this phenomenon, stating that people don’t heal because they don’t actually desire healing. All they want is empathy.

She believes that we are retaining negative energies within our lives due to which it is not truly possible for us to recover from any painful event.

Caroline believes that spiritual evolution is very important and difficulties and illness are a necessary part of it.

Her main hope after writing this book is that blending all this information together could help us, the readers, enter any illness with great courage.

She has mentioned new methods of seeing yourself and your illness.

Caroline examines the different global transformation of attitudes about healing. She provides you with rituals and prayers for connecting with a universal divine energy.

A very important point according to her is that people hold on to attachments, which gives them an excuse to avoid challenges in their life. For this the only solution is forgiveness and calling back your energy.

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After discovering why people can’t heal, the first necessary thing is to call back your lost soul.

This book serves as a spiritual treat for anyone low on self-esteem and lacking growth in his life and for individuals who have lost more than they have gained in life.

All of us are in search of hope and crave a hand to hold onto.

Caroline acts as one such hand, allowing her readers to regain their lost beings. Losing oneself is a part of life but ultimately discovering the way out is man’s destiny.

Caroline has pushed her readers in the right direction, highlighting the need to look and reflect within themselves, paying attention to their physical as well as spiritual health.

She reflects that when we keep on holding onto the past we keep wasting our energies and potential which is why we never heal and gain complete happiness after negative experiences.

It is human nature to victimize oneself and relive painful events. This limits ones productivity and happiness in whatever days are ahead of him. This doesn’t necessarily suggest that one should treat everything impersonally and act unfeeling. Rather, it encourages a broader vision and spectrum of thinking in which one gains from all his experiences.

According to the writer, illness can be used as a guide for growth in insight and learning. It acts as a path of spiritual evolution of an individual, forming the basis of human existence on earth.

The writer suggests looking within one’s own self to recover from any wounds and painful experiences. This is the only way that one can avoid any fantastical approach and face reality.


• It intrigues the reader to have a different perspective of life, the focus on future and how necessary that is for the personal growth.

• It lifts the moral of someone who feels like he or she can’t succeed, get past a certain occurrence or has lost hope in life.

• It gives reader a new angle to look at and boost their self-esteem to help him realize the worth of his existence.

• It helps the reader to let go of the toxic past and focus on the future and invest precious time and energies to make that prosper instead.

• The book escorts the reader in the journey of searching ones lost motivation and willingness to forget the past.


• It will get you reconsidering all your beliefs which in certain way is constructive to have the soul replenish and move forward with new direction.

• The book gives an overview of the generally persisting troubles and not on personal level, while also teaches the ways that can be adopted by learning from the examples.

• The book is really harsh for those who involve in self-loathing, but it hits them with reality so that they can start their spiritual journey as soon as possible to get rid of all the infliction.

• Some will take great exception to the idea that they are being told that they are using past bad memories/events as social currency to buy sympathy now.

• Don’t let the language of Chakras or ‘Higher Consciousness’ put you off reading this book, open yourself to all learning and possibilities.

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