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Free- Meditation and Music Healing.

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Free-Meditation-Music.com offers high quality featured music downloads on the home page.

Click on the “Browse Music” link on the Home page then click on the “Categories” link top right.

You will then have the option of 7 categories:                                                                               

 Binaural Beats, Selfeggio Mediation, Spoken Meditation, Nature Meditation, Chakra Mediation, Higher Consciousness, Health & Wellness.

There is an option to buy the downloads, and you can pay what you can afford,  but also surprisingly, an option not to pay anything, and still download the mp3 or audio license.


Click on each image below to take you to the relevant page to find the full catalogue of downloads for each category.

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Binaural Beats


free mp3 meditation music

Solfeggio Meditation


listen free meditation music

Spoken meditation


free relaxing nature sound downloads

Nature Meditation


free chakra healing music

Chakra Meditation


listen free meditation music

Higher Consciousness


download meditation music free

Health & Wellness Meditation

If that is not enough try GaiaMeditation.com


free mediations audio downloadsClick image to go to Gaia.

There is a lot of information on the site about the benefits of meditation, and under the topic of “Master Your Mind” you will find the following subject headings.

  • How guided mediation works.
  • The power of your subconscious mind.
  • What are subliminal messages.
  • Gaia Meditation Method aims.



Gaia & Meditation
In the mythology, Gaia is the Greek goddess which personifies the Earth itself. Originally, she is the maternal ancestor of divine races and monsters.

The word Gaia is a compound of two elements: Ge meaning the Earth and Aia meaning Grandmother. Gaia is often referred to as the Mother of Earth.

In our modern era, the name Gaia has been connected to environmental theories. In 1970, the English ecologist James Lovelock published a theory proposing that all living organisms and inorganic material on the Earth are part of a living dynamic system, which maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life on our planet.

“Gaia Meditation” engages all of us in a meditation at two levels:

A reflection about Gaia, by expanding our awareness regarding the interconnections between every Earth living beings, our living planet Gaia and the rest of the Universe.
A true mental exercise of each of us to reach a heightened level of spiritual consciousness.

By expanding our awareness through increased knowledge and the actual practice of meditation, we shall understand better the global unity between everything that exists in the Universe: “We Are One”.

Under ‘Free Music’ category you will find the following selections.


free online guided meditation audio

Click on Image for Free Music page.


free meditation music sleeping

“Just one page of Free Music.”





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