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how to heal depression

How to Deal With Depression and Anxiety.

When I first had the signs of depression back in the late 60’s I had never even heard of depression let alone looked at the options for treatment.

Besides there not being much in the way of treatment, especially outside of conventional treatment…depression wasn’t understood, particularly as a mood disorder.

Even if you did understand it as ‘depression’, it would have been something you would never discuss due to the stigma and being labeled as a “Head Job”, “Cuckoo” and array of other not so great names.positive Thinking health

It must have been really dire in those decades if you actually had been given the diagnosis of depression. I can only liken it to possibly feeling you had been told you had a terminal illness.

 My Depression Story.

My depression started when I was 15 – 16 years old.

I am now in my mid 60’s.

Eighteen months ago I eventually started to feel an improvement in my depression. But if I have one regret, it’s the years of my life wasted, and the wish I had challenged myself more on those days when I was feeling self pity and self loathing.

Your road to wellness will be different and unique to you, involving different healing modalities, time scales, people and information.

With the right methods and treatments suited specifically to you, along with persistence and focus, this could truly lead to your recovery. But, the one important element that will be the same for everyone without exception…is your input and a change in mindset.book healing self

Start gaining that knowledge and discovering new ways of thinking and feeling through reading as much material and books as you can get your hands on.

There are some amazing books out there….and here are a few I highly recommend. This could and should be the beginning in the process to questioning your habitual thought patterns.

When You Are Willing To Feel It You Can Heal It!

OK, I can hear the groans as I mention changing your mindset, you have probably read and heard the ‘mindset’ word  a hundred times before.

But it is your negative response to life events and happenings around you which will differ from someone else who in general is happier and coping better on a day to day basis.

Negative thinking has become the ‘norm’ and in turn, a habit.

If you have had negative influences in your earlier years from a main carer in your life such as your Mother, then in turn you will ‘learn’ also to have the same negative outlook. It’s ‘learnt behavior’ that you have been subjected to probably over many years in your earlier life.

This was my experience with my own Mother, so taken from real life which in turn led to my battles with my mindset and my inability to grasp the fundamental truth, which was…….my negative thoughts and perceptions were at the route of my depression.

Healing from depression is not just about healing your body it’s about healing your mind as well, in fact you can’t have one without the other when it comes to healing depression, anxiety or any emotional disturbance and imbalance.

This is a prime example of the Mind Body connection.

If you can try and except this fact and prepared to open yourself up to a new learning it will be a massive step forward in reaching your final destination.

Depression Treatment Options.

Depression, if left untreated can become your  “norm”, and the longer that goes on the harder it is to undo. I am here to tell the tale.

I am not a professional but if there is one bit of advice I can give you is if you think you may or may not have depression, go and get a proper diagnosis.

The earlier on down the line you get help with a proper diagnosis, the more chance you will have of finding the correct treatment for you.

Depression can be complex, so it’s not one size fits all.

Healing has to be customized to the individual so it can be down to trial and error and quite often not a ‘quick fix’.

The quicker you get on top of your depression the better your chances are of turning it around.

I didn’t start on any sort of treatment until I was in my late 40’s and I was able to turn it around, but it takes that much longer.

The other very important advice I give you is start on a treatment and stick with it to give it a chance to do its job…. even when you are having doubts about its effectiveness.

Here is an example…. I first visited a Chinese Herbalist who prescribed me Chinese herbs, (funnily enough) which I had to take three times a day for a period of time.

I foolishly stopped taking these herbs after a month as I deemed they were not working.

It was only when I gave them another try many years later and armed with more information, along with a different herbalist that I realized Chinese Herbs can take any where from three – six months to work.

Fortunately this time I persisted and it was then I started to notice I was getting more good days and slowly feeling better.

This may or may not work for you, and I know for many the issue of cost is a major factor. But there are many other options to try that are free that are listed on this site.

I won’t lie – to heal from depression can take great courage and persistence. But Wow – the benefits are amazing.

No one feels more alive than the person who has fought and won the battle against depression.

Without sounding corny – it’s life rebirth!

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Natural Depression Remedies and CBT.

In most cases therapy will be an option that can have good outcomes. But the type of therapy will be pivotal as will finding a good therapist…in particular one that you can relate to.

All natural healing modalities treat the person not the disease. Disease of any kind is unique to you in the way it effects you as an individual, and all aspects are taken into consideration including your lifestyle, what you eat drink, think, occupation your domestic circumstances etc.

Throughout onestopselfhelp.com  you will come to realize that I am a champion of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  It has changed the lives of many thousands for the better (including mine) and possibly millions of others.

My one regret has been I wish I had tried this many years ago. My problem was I had the same attitude as too many others like me who saw it as “too simple” and that my depression was going to need something more comprehensive than CBT.”

Don’t let this be you!!
If you take the same path as me and decide not to take conventional medications and try instead natural modalities i.e. Chinese Herbs, acupuncture, hypnosis, EFT, mindfulness, meditation, therapy, to name but a few, it is going to take time and patience and a belief that there you will get better.

Depression is a habit of life, and because your life doesn’t match how you think it should be so…. you need to change your story from the one you are convinced it should be.

Quote from Tony RobbinsChoose to feel good!  Change your physiology, smile walk straight – change your motion and you will change your emotion.

Don’t rule out anything in your venture to be healed, be open to all possibilities, develop an awareness of your negative thinking and be open to changing your mindset.

·      Don’t look back.

·      Surround yourself with positive people.

·      Face the truth.

·      Challenge your negative thinking.

·      Exercise.

·      Be kind to yourself and others.

·      Never quitting if you fail at something.






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