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free hypnosis download sites

Free Hypnosis Audio Downloads.

Not all Hypnosis Live downloads are free, but take advantage of their free introduction offers, and then go through the large selection of other downloads covering most issues we can battle with.

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best free hynosis download

Hypnosis Live” has the most comprehensive selection of audio downloads for a range of conditions and issues effecting everyone.

Click on this link for a review on Hypnosis Live, or you can click on the image below for the same review.

self hypnosis for healing

More Free Hypnosis Therapy.

Steven Luzern International.

free hypnosis download sites

Steven Luzern international

All the Hypnosis and hypnotherapy recording on this website are FREE hypnosis downloads and therefore FREE to listen to and download. What’s more, you can return and listen to your favorite recordings as often as you want. Most of these recordings contain both hypnotic suggestions and affirmations to help uplift the quality of your life.

Most of the recordings here are FREE Hypnosis Downloads. What’s more, you can listen to them directly on this website or by downloading them.

hypnosis healing bodyAbout Steven Luzern. Click on image.

“Many of my hypnosis, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy recordings use what I call a ‘Release Meditation.’ This is an approach that encourages the subconscious mind to find and release the cause of a person’s problem.

Why are my recordings free? In short, I’m a therapist and therefore I enjoy helping people and I like reading the stream of “Thank you” letters arriving in my email every day.”


FHS Free Hypnosis Therapy Videos.

FHS Videos Hypnosis sessions are free. MP3 download at reasonable prices. Or four hypnosis sessions for £10.00


free hypnosis download sites

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free hypnosis therapy

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FHS has free video live hypnosis sessions for the following categories.

POPULAR UPLOADS: Improve Your Golf Game, Memory Improvement, Free Hypnosis Sessions, Stop Gambling, Overcome Procrastination, Increase Your Sexual Libido

BREAK BAD HABITS HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Be In Control of Alcohol, Stop Gambling, Stop Nail Biting, Stop Binge Drinking, Stop Eating Chocolate, Stop Drinking Alcohol, Stop Hair Pulling, Stop Using Cocaine, Stop Skin Picking.

WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Lose Weight Easily, Weight Loss Motivation, Stop Eating Chocolate, Exercise Motivation, Stop Comfort Eating, Stop Snacking at Night, The Secrets of Losing Weight, Stop Snacking, Quit Sugar, Weight Loss Hypnosis, Diet Motivation.

HYPNOSIS SESSIONS FOR SEXUAL ISSUES: Premature Ejaculation, Overcome Anxiety, Overcome Impotence.

STOP DEPRESSION HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Feel Happy, Be a Positive Person, Build a Positive Mindset, Tinnitus Relief, Positive Thinking.

OVERCOME PHOBIAS HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Overcome the Fear of Flying, Phobia Free, Overcome Dental Phobia, Fear of Heights, Pregnancy Anxieties, Fear of Spiders, Fear of Needles, Overcoming Agoraphobia, Fear of Dogs, Shy Bladder.

RELIEVE ANXIETY HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Overcome Anxiety, Be a Calm Person, Ultimate Relaxation, Driving Test Anxiety, Overcome OCD, Overcome Test Anxiety.

ANGER MANAGEMENT HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Anger Management, Put a Stop to Road Rage.

SELF -ESTEEM HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Increase Your Self-Esteem, Self Esteem.

SELF CONFIDENCE HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: Ultimate Confidence, Confidence on Demand, Stop Blushing, Dating With Confidence.









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