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Listen – Nature Sounds Online Free

the free nature sounds online

Download rain and thunder sounds, or sounds of the sea, wind, thunderstorms, waves crashing, and birdsong  are just some of sounds that can evoke relaxation and help you “switch off.”

The effects on the mind body are enormous and incredibly beneficial to our mental health and in turn, to our ability to relax and de-stress.

Here are some links to some of the best sites to access free downloads! Enjoy!!



Zapsplat.com is a fast growing free sound effects library online. They have 31,137 professional free sounds to download instantly in mp3 or original WAV file format and upload hundreds more every week, plus hundreds of royalty free music tracks.

free relaxing nature sound downloads

Here is a taster of whats on offer for free:

Jungle and forest ambience with animals and insects.


Sea waves crashing on rocks, rough seas and winter.


Fast flowing creek in rainforest, light bird background noise in Australia.


Click here for ZapSplat.com



Calmsound is the brainchild of British Composer and sound designer Leigh Haggerwood.
As a sound engineer he was fortunate to travel around the world recording some of the most amazing nature recordings on some of the best state-of-the-art equipment available. His recordings stretch from the beaches in the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean to the beautiful sounds of the English countryside and lots more besides.

the free nature sounds online

Calmsound do not give you the option to download their tracks and albums, but they can all be listened to online for free, with the option of buying the albums at very reasonable prices.

There is also access to some amazing unique videos recorded by Leigh himself.

Here are two of them:

The Enchanted Forest – Relaxing Bird Song and Forest Ambience


Antarctic wind, for sleep and relaxation.


Click here for Calmsound.com


Music2Relax has such a variety of relaxing original easy to listen to music. Either listen to online for free, or download the album at exceptionally reasonable prices.

The music options classical, instrumental music, music to help you sleep, nature sounds, new age mediation music, chill out, calm music for yoga meditation, music with alpha brain waves,  Jazz, Oriental etc.


free relaxing music listen

Below is a small taste of what is on offer. Listen for free to the tracks or buy an album.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature Album

relaxing sounds nature free


Below are some of the tracks available on the album that can be played for free online.

listen free relaxing music online


Click on link here to go to Sounds of Nature Album

Relaxing Guitar Music Album

free online guitar music

Below are some of the tracks available on the album that can be played for free online.

listen free relaxing music online

Click link here to go to Relaxing Guitar Music Album





sleepwithsilk.com speaks for itself in that there are various podcasts to help you sleep.

The five podcast programs are all below – nature, binaural, ASMR triggers, background noise, soothing voices.

Click on each image to take you to each relevant podcast.



Now click on image below to take you to more free nature sounds meditations.free nature sounds meditation

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