Review On ‘Hypnosis Live’ – Self Hypnosis Does it Work?

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 Review on – Self Hypnosis Does it Work and “Hypnosis Live.”

Hypnosis is a tool used by hypnotists and therapists as a means for improving personal life in individuals. This tool works by turning a negative attitude of one’s self to an overall positive outlook on life.

It helps individuals believe in themselves and develop a positive mental state. This enables the individual to adapt to a new mindset and eventually more positive feelings about their lives, themselves, coupled with a happier state of mind.

Similar to therapy, hypnosis starts with the relaxation of the mind first by creating a calm surrounding. Affirmations are relayed to the patient along with mental visualization and a few exercises that change the mindset gradually leaving the individual feeling better.self hypnosis for healing

What is Hypnosis Live?

The websiteHypnosis Live is an online site where anyone suffering from many different ailments such as fatigue, insomnia, and depression, fear of flying, anxiety and stress, even anger or jealousy issues to name but a few, can get audiobooks in MP3 audio formats.

These products are not the usual everyday products: they are especially tailor-made for individuals who want to better themselves. They are used by people to conduct self-hypnosis sessions rather than going for long hypnosis therapy sessions.

Each audiobook focuses on a specific niche that clients would want to address in their lives.

A few examples include:

Financial freedom– helps individuals make accumulate wealth by instilling a millionaire’s mindset in them.

Memory enhancement– in case an individual has memory issues, the audiobooks boost memory capabilities of the person and gradually improve brain power.

General health and wellbeing– lose weight and get your desired body.

Self-esteem– develops and boosts your confidence levels within no time. Boosts the clients’ courage and trigger the ability to face any challenge. In fact, great for most emotional problems.

Lifestyle change– helps individual drop alcoholism and quit smoking completely, sharper thinking, be more patient etc etc.

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The site offers more than 200 MP3 audiobooks each with its own unique design for enabling individuals to become better and achieve their goals and ambitions in the long run.

Clients have attested to the healing benefits of the sessions from the Hypnosis Live products. Reviews indicate high positive outcomes from individuals who have made the efforts to transform their lives through the MP3 audiobooks.

Listening to the books in audio formats in a calm, relaxed environment taps to the subconscious part of the brain.

This is very similar to how music lightens up our mood by simply listening to a few lines from our favorite songs or playlists. Content is embedded in this crucial part of our brain, and as the information is processed, a sense of wellbeing is released into the clients’ bodies.

Information from the Hypnosis Live MP3 products are relayed in a form of simple listening tools for the self-hypnosis session. Self-hypnosis from the audios results in general improvement in the target areas for the patients.

What is available on the site for clients?

Once you log on to the web page- Hypnosis Live – you will find a vast collection of the hypnosis products- MP3 audiobooks.

As per your wish, you can purchase each product as a single entity or purchase them in bulk. Bulk purchases of the products would be advisable as the products are cheaper. For example, if you buy at last four MP3 audiobooks, you will pay only one-third of the individual prices of each.

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The bulk purchase can be focused on different dimensions of your life that you want to work on or you can purchase audio books for one specific area. If you do not need so many, you can just get one.

The prices are not standard for all the MP3 audiobooks.

Discounts are also given for returning clients. Another welcome discount is also available for the first time clients who visit the website and sign up.

Scroll through the website and choose what best suits you or addresses what you want to achieve.

Why is “Hypnosis Live” the best option for self-hypnosis?

Ease of purchase and compatibility with several devices

The purchase procedure for the books is easy and straightforward. The huge collection of audiobooks on the site can be used on any device that can support MP3 formatting.

Products are categorized: this enables clients to find what they are looking for.


After the sessions, clients can expect to see real change in various areas in their lives. If this is not the case, Hypnosis Live refunds the money you used to purchase the books.

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The bottom-line

Hypnosis Live offers a huge collection of Self-hypnosis material.

Clients are assured of finding whatever they are looking for here.

The audiobooks can be accessed from any device compatible with MP3 formats and you need not have any prior knowledge of using the self-hypnosis MP3 Audiobooks.

Expect a gradual change in your life over time as you listen to the audios and if you are not satisfied, the website refunds your money.

Hypnosis Live MP3 Audiobooks are highly recommendable for any individual focused on self-improvement and lifestyle change.

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